5 Vehicle Tips to Stay Safe this Summer


Whether you are heading to the beach with friends, taking a road trip with your family, or commuting back and forth to work, it is important that your vehicle is ready and properly prepared for the summer months. That is why All Star Lincoln has compiled a list of vehicle tips to ensure that you will stay safe this summer!

Get your Vehicle Serviced

Before you get on the road, get your vehicle serviced. Regular maintenance such as oil changes, battery checked and tire rotations will go a long way towards preventing breakdowns. If your vehicle has not been serviced according to Lincoln’s recommendations, schedule a maintenance checkup with us right away! You can schedule a service appointment by clicking here!


Now that your vehicle is serviced, you are ready to get on the road! Make sure you buckle up every single time you get in your vehicle. Even if you are driving down the road to a friend’s house or the grocery store, protecting yourself and your passengers in the vehicle is the most important thing. Set the example by always wearing your seat belt!

Double Check those Babies

Keep kids and pets safe in the car at all times. Make sure your children are properly secured in their car seats and booster seats. Also make sure they remain seated and buckled in when the vehicle is in motion. If you are traveling with a pet, make sure the animal is properly secured in a harness or dog seat belt. Here are some different options for a dog seat belt if you are traveling with a larger dog. Pets are part of the family, so make sure they are properly secured also!

Plan Ahead

If you are taking a road trip, make sure you plan and map the duration of your drive ahead. Also make sure to check for possible roadwork, delays and road closures along your route. Map out where you will take rest stops, get gas and get food. This will ensure your road trip will go smoothly and easy!

Potholes Ahead!

Look for potholes. Especially after a rainy day, potholes can appear everywhere on the road. Know the roads you’re on and keep an eye out for dangerous potholes that can cause damage to your tires!

These are some great tips to remember if you are about to take a long road trip, or just for your daily commutes to work and doing errands! Summer time is a great chance to spend some much needed time with family and friends, but always remember these tips to stay safe this summer and you will be ready for any adventure thrown your way!

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