Labor Day Fun with the Family

For most people, Labor Day is a day free from work, school and any other obligations you may have on your plate. But if you’re wanting to spice up your normal and boring Labor Day, All Star Lincoln put together a few of these fun games crafts and invite your friends and family over to join!

Aquarium Fun

Having the same day off as your kids, family members or friends is very rare! Labor Day is the perfect time to meet up with friends, plan a day with family or taking the kids to the aquarium! Your local aquarium is such an easy way to get you and the kids out of the house and having some fun! The aquarium is indoors, air conditioned and enclosed meaning you don’t have to worry about your babies getting overheated or wandering off to places they shouldn’t be!

Egg Relay Race

Give everyone a plastic spoon and an egg. Set up a starting point and a finish line with either spray paint, tape or yarn. Then send the racers on their way! Whoever gets to the finish line without dropping the egg wins! You can increase the difficulty by assigning teams and making them pass the egg, without hands, to the next person in line. If they drop the egg, go back to the starting line! The first team to the end wins!

Tip: If you are playing outside on cement, you may want to hard-boil your eggs so yolk doesn’t get on the cement!

  Egg Relay Race

Backyard Obstacle Course

A backyard obstacle course is such an easy thing to throw together! You can use anything laying around the house or you can get creative and try this DIY American Ninja Warrior Backyard Obstacle Course out! This obstacle course is a ton of fun and even the adults can get really into it!

American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

These are just a few things you can do to make your Labor Day Holiday a fun and exciting one! Remember to have fun, be safe and enjoy your time off with friends, family and loved ones!

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