All Star Lincoln’s Fall Crafts and Activities

The season of being smitten by the weather has arrived. That’s right, autumn! With Halloween and Thanksgiving being the holidays for the fall season, there are endless things that can be done around the home to prepare you for this wonderful time of the year. Below you will find a DIY project from the All Star Family that can get your home into great shape!


DIY projects have become a trend that keeps trending. There are so many things to be made for decorating your home for fall season. Try testing your skills in making autumn leave bowls for amazing candy dishes. All it takes is a faux leaves, Mod Podge (matte finish), foam brush, balloon, scissors, and a mixing bowl.

Blow up your balloon accordingly. Place the balloon inside of a mixing bowl, in order for it to stay in place while you cover it with the foam brush and faux leaves, free of stems. With your mod podge in a cup, gently apply a thin layer on top of your balloon. Then you are going to want to lay the leaves on top of the wet mod podge and smooth them out with your fingers. Once that layer is dry, apply another layer of mod podge and leaves, until all empty spaces are covered. Make sure the bottom of the leaf bowl has extra support by apply multiple leaves there.

Once everything is completely dry, pop the balloon with a pin, and whala! You have yourself a beautiful DIY dish. This beautiful piece can complete anyone’s fall décor. Halloween candies can be served from these bowls, or your fall scent of potpourri!

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