10 Ideas for Summer Fun

Here in South Louisiana, we know how excruciating the heat can get outside during the summer months. You don’t want the kids to go outside and overheat, but they can’t stay cooped up inside all day without you going crazy! So we have complied a list of some ideas for indoor and outdoor summer fun!

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Having a water balloon fight is an awesome way to get friends and neighbors involved! If your kiddos are too young/small to participate in the water balloon fight, get a kiddy pool, fill it with water and balloons and let them pop the balloons with their hands; they’ll have a ball!

Play Local Tourists

Learn more about your city’s history, local shops and new restaurants. You can ask friends and family for new and exciting places to go around town, or use Virtual Tourist to help you along the way!

Have a Picnic - ASL, ASV

Have a Picnic

Pack your kids favorite sandwiches, snacks and drinks for a picnic! Whether it be in your backyard or at your local park. We know your kids will love eating their lunch outdoors. Just don’t forget the picnic blanket!

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering teaches compassion and responsibility — it also keeps kids busy. There’s plenty little ones can do, like cleaning up a green space or collecting canned goods. You can also bring your kiddos around the neighborhood and help your elderly neighbors do day-to-day tasks such as watering plants, putting up groceries and much more! For more information visit your local Food Pantry or Animal Shelter to see if they would like some extra hands to help!

Put On a Puppet Show

Go on down to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s to get crafts for the kids to create their very own puppets! While the puppets are drying, set up a puppet stage! Invite some of the neighborhood kids down to be a part of the show. Kids love to make up their own stories and we are positive they’ll love this activity.

Visit an Educational Museum

Visiting an educational museum or a children’s museum is a fun way to get out of the summer heat! Museums are a great way to get your child interacting with experiments, the solar system or whatever else is at the museum. It can also give you some great home DIY project ideas to do when the museum is closed on the weekends or holidays!

Play Twister with Colored Shaving Cream

If you have Twister on hand, this is a fun way to spice the game up! The kids will love it and it is so funny watching everyone slip around! Purchase multiple cans of shaving cream and food coloring. Simply empty the contents of the shaving cream into a bucket, drop as many drops as you want of the food coloring and mix it together. Make sure to keep all four of the colors in separate buckets. Once all of the colors are mixed, scoop out a blob of colored shaving cream onto the correct dot on the Twister board. Then you are ready to play Twister! The food coloring will stain your clothing, so make sure to wear old clothes!

Have a Luau in the Backyard

Invite friends, co-workers, family and neighbors over for a luau! Have activities such as limbo, make your own totem pole, and a pineapple eating contest! This is a fun way to get family and friends together. The kids can play and the parents and friends can visit! It’s a win-win!

Paint Party - ASL

Paint Party

Get huge canvases or and old piece of cardboard and set it up outside for the kiddos to paint on. Do it in the grass so you will not have to worry about paint stains on the concrete. Hang the finished painting to dry then display it in your child’s room or throughout the house!

Plant a Garden

Visit your local garden store to purchase some flowers or seeds for your garden! Your kiddos will love helping you dig holes and planting flowers. They’ll love to watch them grow!

All these activities are inexpensive and a sure way to make the summer much more fun!

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